We’re developing faster, more effective tools to help our partners solve the biggest healthcare challenges in neurodegeneration and psychiatry.

We’re developing faster, more effective tools to help our partners solve the biggest healthcare challenges in neurodegeneration and psychiatry.

Cumulus Neuroscience has created a next-generation integrated physiological and digital biomarker platform. In clinical trials it provides the critical data and insights needed to accelerate the delivery of more effective CNS drugs to patients. This addresses the significant unmet need for faster, more robust and cost-effective execution and evaluation of clinical trials in neuroscience.

Our platform enables frequent, remote multi-domain sampling outside of the clinic to dramatically improve the robustness of neuroscience clinical trials. These assessments enable more robust and timely decision making in therapeutic development programmes. Our domain assessment technologies have been carefully designed for low patient burden and repeated use, and extensively field-tested by hundreds of users over thousands of hours in patient and control populations.

Cumulus Neuroscience EEG headset
Man using Cumulus Neuroscience EEG headset
Cumulus neuroscience tablet app

The Next Generation in Digital Biomarker Platforms

Our integrated platform is built on deep team expertise, patented technology, and partnerships with proven leaders in their field. It captures large amounts of real-world lab quality data through time, across five critical behavioural and mechanistic domains by tracking physiology, functions, and symptoms in clinics and the patient’s home.
Components of the Cumulus Neuroscience platform

A Unique Integrated Solution

Cumulus Neuroscience provides its partners with a uniquely comprehensive and integrated solution, capturing frequent, objective, longitudinal data across a broad spectrum of domains and modalities. This provides novel insights to transform the future of clinical trials in neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases, and help bring life-changing therapies to patients faster and more cost effectively.

We assess cognition with patients in their home setting using tablet-based, real-world translations of lab-based tasks. These have been designed for repeated longitudinal assessment of working memory, episodic memory, executive function, decision making, and other cognitive functions. We continually look to include more tests as they become relevant and compatible with home use.


We have developed a first-in-class home usable EEG headset that can track neuronal integrity, network connectivity and compensation strategies, synchronised with tablet-based functional assessments of behavioural domains. All in a secure cloud-based storage and machine learning architecture that allows us to safely analyse composite behavioural, physiological and functional data


Our platform integrates P1vital Products’ Facial Expression Recognition Task (FERT) to assess emotional bias. P1vital is a leader in computerised behavioural testing in clinical trials for mood and other psychiatric domains. The P1vital FERT is a well validated objective assessment of how someone processes emotional information and can provide an indication of current mood. The FERT is used widely in both clinical trials and healthcare settings to provide an early detection of treatment response.


Our platform integrates Winterlight Labs’ state of the art algorithms and database to assess word choice, grammar and the acoustic properties of speech. Winterlight Labs has developed a proprietary language-based diagnostic system that analyses natural speech to detect and monitor dementias including Alzheimer’s, aphasia, and various other cognitive conditions.


Our platform integrates easy-to-use, clinically-validated sleep assessment tools that enable remote measurement of sleep quality metrics and sleep staging.

Advanced AI-powered Analytics

Powerful proprietary machine learning-based methods allow us to automatically evaluate the rich multi-dimensional real-world data we collect and rapidly generate meaningful insights. This allows detection of small but highly relevant changes in patients and provides the best and most cost-effective assessment of treatment outcomes, to maximize the chances of trial success.

Our People

Cumulus Neuroscience’s leadership team benefits from the support of an outstanding Scientific Advisory Panel, and the deep experience of specialist investors DDF/SV Health Investors and LifeArc.

Leadership Team

Ronan Cunningham

Ronan Cunningham

Founder & CEO

Dr. Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy, Ph.D.

Founder & CSO

Alison Buick

Alison Buick, Ph.D.

Director of Clinical Programmes

Caroline Kirwan

Caroline Kirwan

Director of Regulatory Affairs & Quality

Kinan Muhammed

Kinan Muhammed, MD Ph.D.

Acting Chief Medical Officer

Board of Directors

Ruth McKernan

Ruth McKernan, Ph.D.

Founder & Chair

Venture partner SV Health Investors, co-founder of DDF companies Loqus23 and AstronauTX. 25 years’ experience in Pharma at Merck and Pfizer. Trustee Alzheimer’s Research UK, Chair of UK’s BioIndustry Association.

Des Speed

Des Speed


Former CEO PathXL, pioneering digital pathology company acquired by Philips Healthcare in 2016. Board member of lifesciences / deep tech companies and QUB Ventures.

Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell, Ph.D.


Chief Business Officer at LifeArc, responsible for business development and partnerships. Formerly interim Executive Chair and Director for Health and Life Sciences at Innovate UK, and Chief Executive of Arquer Diagnostics.

Sam Osman

Sam Osman


Venture Partner at SV, Former CEO of Cenduit, Head of Connected devices at Quintiles. Strong track record in product launches, growth businesses. Multiple new technology product launches leading to >$50M growth in under 36 months.

Simon Best

Prof. Simon Best


Founder, CEO and Chairman or Board Member of biopharma and technology companies, Chairman or Trustee of major industry bodies including UK BIA.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Prof. Craig Ritchie

Prof. Ritchie is Professor of the Psychiatry of Ageing at the University of Edinburgh and Director of Brain Health Scotland. He is a leading authority on clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease and leads two major cohort studies: the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (EPAD) and PREVENT Dementia Programmes.

Lynne Hughes, Ph.D.

Dr. Hughes is former Vice President and Head of CNS Growth Strategy at IQVIA. She is an expert in neurocognitive assessment and design of appropriate studies to assess Alzheimer’s Disease and neurocognitive dysfunction.

Prof. Judith Jaeger

Prof. Jaeger is President of CognitionMetrics, LLC and Prof. Clinical Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Former positions include Vice President for Clinical Trials at Cogstate and Director Clinical Development at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Prof. Eric McDade

Prof. McDade specialises in cognitive and behavioural neurology. He is Associate Professor of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. and Associate Director of the DIAN Trials Unit.

Gerry Reilly

Gerry Reilly is Technologist in Residence at Health Data Research UK, the national institute for health data in the UK, where he is senior advisor on long-term trends in technology and computer science, imaging and privacy enhancing technologies. He is also a member of the Executive Leadership Team for the International COVID-19 Data Alliance.

Robert “Joe” Mather

Mr. Mather is an Executive Director in Pfizer’s Early Clinical Development organization and has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research. He leads Pfizer’s Advanced Science group, validating technology platforms and qualifying novel digital endpoints.

Research Partners

Cumulus Neuroscience is supported by an advisory group of eight of the world's leading Pharma companies. Five companies (Biogen, GSK, Pfizer, Lilly, and Takeda) are limited partners in the Dementia Discovery Fund, the lead investor in Cumulus Neuroscience, joined by Bristol Myers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim and Merck.

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Our Funders

Cumulus is backed by experienced life science and technology investors, as well as UK and EU backed innovation agencies.

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